Link and Linkle

Last weekend was my first visit to MCM Comic Con Telford. While I've been to the Birmingham MCM cons before I've never bothered with the Telford one simply because . . . it's in Telford! I live there! Why would it be any good?! I was completely wrong though, while it was a little smaller in scale compared to the bigger cons of Birmingham and London it was a really great venue, easy (and cheap) parking, right next to the town centre which was brilliant for sorting lunch and dinner and not having to pay "arena" prices.

There were thousands of visitors and a nice atmosphere of being slightly more chilled and friendly, than the bigger events. Thoroughly enjoyed it and will go back again next year. Below are a few shots of Heather (you should all know who she is by now!) as Linkle and her good friend Niamh as Link. Also shout out to Naimh's Dad who's super cool, travels with her to cons up and down the country, takes photos and doesn't ever moan of one bit. Legend. He also has a Last of Us tattoo. Pretty cool.

Keep an eye out for more photos from next months MCM and a few art projects coming up.

You can find Heather on Instagram @xflutterbugx and Facebook as "The Lucid Tear".

Niamh on Instagram @niamhnelly and Facebook as "Niamh Nelly Cosplays".