Cammy and Guile

This past weekend I went to the London Film and Comic Con with some friends who happened to be cosplaying as Cammy and Guile from Street Fighter. You might recognise Heather who was cosplaying as Princess Zelda in a earlier post on the blog. Super happy with how the photos turned out, easily some of my favourite photos yet. As it's a combination of two of my best friends, my favourite gaming series and photography! 

On a side note I'm not sure I'd go back to LFCC again. The con was seriously overcrowded and disorganised, a lot of people are complaining and it seems the organisers already have a bad reputation. The line up of guests was stellar but meeting stars isn't really my thing anyway. We all had a good weekend regardless and look out for some photos from The View from The Shard soon. Enjoy!

You can see more of Heather's cosplay and art work here