Photography at MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2015

The past weekend saw tens of thousands of people descend upon the NEC in Birmingham for the MCM Comic Con. I went with some friends, meaning photography was to take a backseat and instead I'd enjoy the show and support my friend Heather while she cosplayed as Princess Zelda. 

That didn't quite go as planned though as I got caught up in taking photos of all the cosplayers there. All of whom were very friendly and accommodating to the hundreds of people taking photos of them constantly. I tried to be as less annoying as possible, waiting for people to finish whatever they might be doing before asking to grab a photo. While I would have liked to have taken my time to compose the shots properly it was most definitely not the place for that, so the below shots are pretty much snapshots. It was ridiculously busy and difficult to get into a decent position to get a good shot, so there's plenty of background distractions which aren't great. 

Enjoy the photos below, despite the challenges of shooting at the Con, they definitely capture the mood of the show and showcase the skill and passion that goes into cosplaying. I was blown away by the efforts people go to and amazed at how friendly the community is.