Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero is a "white collar" boxing/fitness programme that gives people an opportunity to experience what it's like to go from training to boxing in a ring in front of a crowd, with all the glamour, thrills and pain that goes along with it. 

I went to watch a friend of a friend who had been training for ten weeks to face an opponent that had been selected from an opposing team by ability. We got there early, tried to find the best seats we could and sat back to enjoy the show. 

The below were all shot with the Fuji 56mm 1.2 on the X-E2, wide open at 1.2 and 6400 iso. We were sat a fair bit back so I wasn't able to get any close up action shots but it was a good opportunity to play with light and shadows during the entrances, which got me so hyped I wanted to jump into the ring myself. Maybe I'll sign up for a season in the future...

The waiting begins...


The teams made their way down to the ring to kick things off. 


And so the fights began with full blown entrances, complete with ring card girls, pyrotechnics and blood pumping choices of music. Some fighters seemed to have brought along armies of fans and got huge pops (wrestling reference sorry) from the crowd when they came out. 


Round one...FIGHT!


It was a fun night and yes, the friend of a friend won. 

Here's a few more images to sum up the night. Enjoy.