A weekend of colour

Here's a few more images from the weekend and the first batch out of the X-E2. So far very pleased with the camera and the 35mm lens. Not sure if I prefer the wider 23mm (35mm equivalent) of the X100 or the 35mm (50mm equivalent). Both have their place and produce great results but I'm thinking the 35mm might be the better walk around lens for me, as it's just a little bit more versatile. Then again I like the wider lens for giving images context that you miss out on by focusing in on details. Taking a couple of steps back isn't always possible nor does it produce the same result. Maybe I should just buy a zoom . . . 

I pass this statue everyday on the way to work and I've been eyeing it up for weeks, waiting for some good light to take a photo. Finally one day the sun was shining early in the morning, casting some nice shadows on the wall . . . and I didn't have the camera on me. Probably should have used my mobile but for whatever reason I don't like using it to take photos. Anyway here is my first take for now. I'll get the shot I want eventually. 

Beowulf. The great warrior from the Old English epic poem that defeated the monster Grendel with his bare hands. It's also the name the owner gave to this Kawasaki motorcycle. 

Finally I've done a little editing on the "cool-guy-with-the-guitar-playing-marley" from the previous post. While the Fuji colours straight out of the camera are nice, they are still a little flat, everything looks a little too smooth and I've found I tend to gravitate more towards contrast and texture in my photos. While I definitely don't have a "style" as of yet, I am trying to establish some sort of look which best suits me and what I like. But as I've only been doing this for about three months it's still early days. 

That's all for now folks.

I've been thinking about re-doing the Temple Gym post with some commentary and possibly re-editing the photos, so keep an eye out for that.